Electric Floor Heating Reviews

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Electric floor heating reviews from people who have installed or used electric floor heating provide the most credible information. Unlike websites that are trying to sell you their systems or their products, the only agenda behind these reviews is a desire to share information.

Cost of Installation

In most reviews you will find that electric systems usually cost on average anywhere from $300 to $2,000. The cost can be dependent on which system you choose, but the main determining factor in the cost is the size of the room or the square footage the heating system will need to cover.

When measuring a room, keep in mind that heating will not need to be installed under any built-in features, such as bathtubs, toilets, cabinets, etc. If you are not going to do the install yourself, hiring someone to do the installation will add to the final cost.

DIY with Professional Electrician

One way to save on the initial cost is to buy the heating system and do the initial installation yourself. Many people report that the systems can be laid down by any experienced do-it-yourself homeowner, but recommend that the final electric hook-up be performed by a licensed electrician.

For small rooms the system can be connected to the existing household wiring, but it’s recommended that for a large installation you install a dedicated circuit. After that, there is obviously the continual cost of the electricity to run the system.

As a Replacement Heat

There is some disagreement in the electric floor heating reviews about whether or not electric radiant heat can be used as a replacement for traditional heating systems, or if it’s only practical as a supplement to forced-air heating. The consensus is that it depends on how well the house is insulated and how long the flooring is able to store the heat.

For the most part, for really heating a home, electric floor heating does not seem to do as well as hydronic systems. Another factor for many people is the cost of the electricity it takes to run the system. For reference, an electric system will draw about 10-15 watts of electricity per square foot of flooring.

Where to Install

Rather than installing these systems throughout the entire house, electric systems are more often favored in rooms where people desire quick warm-ups, since most electric systems will only take 30-70 minutes to warm. However, it’s important to remember that these quick warm-ups can put thermal stress on wood flooring and, over time, can result in buckling or warping. Radiant heat can be used under wood floors, they just require more constant or slow-changing temperatures.

Overall, in most electric floor heating reviews where the installation has been done correctly and people have been given reasonable expectations about the efficiency of the system, people seem generally satisfied.

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